I’m Ashur Cabrera.

I love to build command-line tools and sort-of-bots, make dumb jokes, and doodle things a few pixels at a time. I work for Panic Inc. in Portland, Oregon.

You can find me on Mastodon, , and GitHub.

Command-Line Tools


Manually switching between application profiles on macOS is a pain. Fig makes creating, managing, and deploying them a breeze.

Available through Homebrew.



Quickly update local Git projects and their dependencies with a single command using Pug.

(Unrelated to the templating project formerly known as Jade.)

Available through Homebrew.


Tiny Skylines

Pixelated cityscapes to brighten your timeline.

Available on Mastodon and Twitter.



A bot that uses its own Git history to paint chunky-pixel portraits.

Available on Mastodon and Twitter.


the Collective Noun Collective

Imagine that a linguistic cabal with a penchant for puns oversees the naming of things taken as a whole, and publishes their pronouncements in a semi-annual zine…

Spring 2018



Bite-sized sketches delivered irregularly.

Available on Mastodon and Instagram.